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A Day in the Life:
The Established Norm of a Woman

From a young age, girls and boys are treated differently and given different opportunities due to their gender. This treatment contin- ues through our teenage years and is engraved in us by the time we reach our adult life. The differences are not natural ones but rather ones which are pushed upon us, as has been done from generation to generation. An emphasis on the ideas surrounding what a woman should do, how she should act or what her role in life should be, are continuously reinforced by society. These ideals range from stereo- types about women, such as gossiping too much, to parts of our daily routines which we never consciously chose to be a part of, such as the wearing of bras.

The project looks at the over-sexualisation of women, their ‘purpose’ in life, as well as the minor inconveniences of being a woman. With the intent to start a conversation, the images illustrate a small portion of the challenges which women are required to overcome on a daily basis.

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